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If you're a new Shanghai expat, struggling to acclimatize to your surroundings, then you're going to need a lot of advice and guidance.

Health and safety in Shanghai is very different to 'back home'. Although it poses many challenges, with a little knowledge and help you can enjoy your stay here just as many expats are already doing.

This Shanghai expat website is set up to give you some practical knowledge and guidance on how to stay healthy and safe during your stay in Shanghai.

If you have already been in Shanghai for some time, you will also benefit from our frequently updates listings for health service providers and healthy product suppliers.

Shanghai Smog

You’ll be interested to learn about:

  1. The background and current situation with Shanghai’s water, air and food quality
  2. The meaning of AQI, PM2.5, VOCs and other terms you will have to pay attention to in Shanghai.
  3. Steps the Shanghai government are taking to tackle the pollution problems
  4. What precautions expats should take for their health and safety in Shanghai
  5. What companies are here to serve your health and safety needs

Find lots of useful information you need here, in English.

Meticulously researched by expats and locals who have lived in Shanghai for many years, and arranged according to useful topics, Health and Safety in Shanghai is your go-to resource for healthy food, clean water, good air quality, medical services, fitness centers and clubs, relaxation options in Shanghai and nearby, and much more.

You can find the answers to such questions as:

Making Sense For the Shanghai Expat Community

With Health and Safety in Shanghai, you are no longer a stranger in a strange land. We have done much of the hard work for you.

We search for companies able to speak to you in English, and provide high levels of quality and service.

We also invite health and safety experts in Shanghai to give the expat community advice on how to deal with health issues during their stay.

As long as you keep informed and take precautions, your health in Shanghai will be assured. We are looking out for you just as we do for ourselves.

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