Healthy Food Shanghai Guide

Guide to finding healthy food Shanghai by Chiara Squinzi.

Shanghai can be a difficult city for expats who want to stay healthy; bad air, excessive drinking, long working hours, more drinking, smoking in F&B establishments (or really, any establishment), lack of exercise and stress can all influence negatively on our health.

In addition to this, eating out costs less than a pack of chicken, so we end up stepping from restaurant to restaurant every day instead of preparing healthy home-cooked meals.

This is partly because cooking and cleaning-up takes time; which Shanghai expats don't have a lot of, but also due to the difficulty of knowing where to find healthy products and ingredients in Shanghai, so you can make delicious and healthy food at home.

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Healthy Food Shanghai: Short- vs Long-Term Costs

Although I can not argue with the fact that healthy food Shanghai might be more expensive than street food, I learned to value:

  • the quality of a good olive oil compared to that of the gutter oil that is sometimes used in cheap stir-fries;
  • the flavors of clean spices, rather than the uniform taste of MSG and GMO soy sauce;
  • the taste produced by my clean pans compared to that from a burned wok;
  • and the delicacy of slow-cooked ingredients instead of 200 degrees fire blasted meat.

In a city that celebrates everything with a meal out, learning how to say no and, instead, shop and home-cook healthy food Shanghai is a challenging task.

But with the help of this article, you can start looking and shopping for better groceries and eat in more often.

You will gain in energy, shape and sleep quality, I promise you.

Sproutworks Healthy Restaurant Shanghai

Shanghai Wet Markets

In Shanghai's many wet markets you can find any kind of produce. They need to be properly washed before consuming though; try using a solution of water and apple cider vinegar on your veggies and fruit or other natural-based cleaning products.

For fruit and vegetables with a thin skin, like apples, strawberries, peaches, grapes, nectarines, blueberries, celery, spinach, sweet bell peppers, lettuce and collard greens (called the 'dirty dozen') which contain the most chemicals, I highly suggest to buy organic (or at least to peel before eating when purchased at the local stores).

Favorite Organic Suppliers in Shanghai

Organic Vegetable suppliers in Shanghai:

  • Biofarm:
    CSA Basket is only 99 RMB or you can order your most loved produce from the weekly list with free delivery for orders above 100 RMB. A visit to the farm close to Pudong Airport is only 30 RMB and includes a 30 RMB voucher for the purchase of veggies or a vegetarian lunch.
  • Mahota Farm:
    For 168 RMB, you can buy a basket containing eight different types of vegetables or get your own customized vegetable box (prices vary). Boxes are delivered (free of charge) within two days of ordering and can be paid for upon delivery. You must call the hotline to place an order; no online orders. Or you can purchase directly at the farm store / restaurant in M Town close to Hongqiao Lu metro station. The organic hot pot restaurant connected to the store is incredible; you can have the richest hot pot with organic pork or organic tofu at only 68 RMB for lunch or RMB 88 for supper. You can also visit the farm at the Sun Island resort to pamper yourself with a nice and healthy vacation.
  • Tony's Farm:
    With one organic farm located in Pudong New District, and another on Chongming island, Tony's Farm offers 3kg or 6kg boxes which each contain six or more types of organic vegetables. Customers can choose from two types of combo boxes which can be delivered once or twice per week with a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Prices range from 1,580 to 17,800 RMB, with delivery inside Shanghai included for free.
  • Organic farm:
    This farm offers boxes and individual items for purchase but you must have an Alipay account (Zhīfùbǎo, 支付宝) to pay for the goods online or you can pay to their bank account (details available on their website). Delivery is 10 RMB or you can collect the order at 2601 Xietu Lu斜土路. They have other kinds of products too: make-up, clothing, meat and dairy.
  • Lee's Mum:
    Their organic farms are on Shanghai’s Chongming Island and in Fengxian district. Although all in Chinese, you can order a wide range of boxes; the regular box of ten types of vegetables and fruit is 120 RMB/order but you can also find tailored selections for the elderly, pregnant women or children. Delivery is free for orders exceeding 100 RMB.

Brick Stores and Online stores Selling Organic and Healthy Food Shanghai

Brick and online stores in Shanghai selling organic foods:

  • Kate&Kimmy:
    This is a grocery website that carries organic produce and other healthy food Shanghai ingredients like oils, whole grains, raw nuts& seeds, nut milks, legumes, superfoods & supplements, and smoothies.
  • Fields (Closed as of April 2019):
    This is a grocery website that carries organic products and other healthy ingredients like oils, whole grains, raw nuts& seeds, legumes, nut milks, superfoods and supplements, and juices. Don't be shy; if you find something that is not top quality, the company's return policy is really good.
  • Avocado Lady - 274 Wulumuqi Lu (乌鲁木齐路274号), near Wuyuan Lu (近五原路):
    This small cluttered store is famous among Shanghai expats and has a wide range of imported products at the lowest prices in town (usually lower than suggested retail price). Watch out for expiration dates and integrity of packets; she does have a cat, I assume for keeping the place free of rats. Apart from the avocados that made her famous, she now stocks almost every kind of oil, nuts and seeds, grains (including quinoa), legumes, bars, fresh spices and herbs, homemade jams and hummus, imported gluten-free cereals and some superfoods too. Stay clear of vegetables bound with adhesive tape, which has been reported recently to contain high levels of formaldehyde and benzene.
  • Sprout Lifestyle: (Closed)
    They have food stores, an online store, and café. You can find any kind of superfood (no spirulina unfortunately), and other healthy ingredients. They also organize healthy food Shanghai events, which teach you how to use their products. But watch out for expiration dates and integrity of the packets, not to mention the prices that are higher than the other mentioned shopping places.
  • Taobao Online Store
  • YihaoDian Online Store
    If you are a super-laowai, you should have Taobao and Yihaodian accounts already, otherwise ask your Chinese colleagues, they will definitely help you to shop online; They love it!
Shanghai Health Store

Market Places for Healthy Food Shanghai

Most times, I browse the above listed stores first for my healthy food Shanghai essentials, and then get my final shopping done at these relatively cheap marketplaces: (You can find expiring products on special offer too.)

  • City shops
  • Carrefour
  • Ole Supermarket
  • BLT
  • Freshmart
  • Pines City 

They all have a great selection of produce and some healthy ingredients like oats, olive / sesame / flaxseeds / walnuts / almonds/ grape seeds oils, whole grains, nut milks, teas and unsweetened cacao.

But stay away from any kind of nuts and seeds loaded with salt, sugar and MSG; the majority of seaweed; 'dark' chocolate; and in general, anything in the middle aisles.

About the Author:

Chiara Squinzi Shanghai

Chiara Squinzi is an experienced health coach and expat yoga teacher in Shanghai and founder of the first and only female running club in Shanghai, the Shanghai Puxi Run.

She lived in Shanghai for almost 7 years and has a profound knowledge of the city and of healthy living in Shanghai. Her website is,or you can add her Wechat account: ChiaraHealthCoach

Healthy Food Shanghai Suppliers

Healthy Eateries in Shanghai:

Healthy Food Stores and Online Stores in Shanghai:

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