Organic Food in Shanghai

A few years ago not many expats talked about organic food in Shanghai.

With the large number of food safety scandals in China, however, not only expats, but more and more local Chinese people have become interested in organic food.

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Organic Food Fair in Shanghai

In May of each year Biofach, the world's leading organizer of organic food and agriculture trade fairs, hosts an organics exhibition in Shanghai.

Organic food and clothing manufacturers, distributors, websites, and farms from all over China as well as overseas exhibit their products. 

Biofach Shanghai Organics Fair

Apart from this annual organics exhibition, organic food in Shanghai can be found at large supermarkets including Carrefour, Farmer's Markets held in Shanghai including the bi-weekly Saturday Jiashan market, organic farm outlets in the city, as well as through organic food delivery services. 

Shanghai Mahota Organic Store

The Mahota is a leading organic farm in Shanghai and sells its produce to the Shanghai expat community through its city outlet and delivery services

Consumer Trust is Not Strong

Organic Food in Shanghai

One pop-up organic food market in Xujiahui district was followed by a Salon where the audience asked the organic farmers many questions about their business.

The biggest hurdle and challenge these farmers face in marketing organic food in Shanghai is consumer trust. Shanghai expats and locals both question whether or not their organic certificates were obtained through legitimate and rigorous testing, or through good relations alone.

Consumers are also suspicious of the air, water and soil quality of these farms so close to downtown Shanghai.

Most of the farmers admitted Shanghai farmland still had soil and water quality issues, but that after much investment they could certainly guarantee their soil was of higher quality than non-organic farms, and that testing had shown their water quality was not as bad as people suspected.

After many years of being cultivated with chemical fertilisers and pesticides, organic farms are required to 'clean' the soil for three years before they can obtain organic certification in China. One farm representative stated that they had invested several million US$ dollars in their farm over the last five years to obtain certification.

In order to build up consumer trust, many of these businesses open up their Shanghai farms for individual or group visits as well as hold activities for the public. Some Shanghai organic farms target the Shanghai expat community and welcome them to attend these activities.

Weekend travel packages including accommodation on site or nearby, barbeques, and training sessions are available at some organic farms located on Shanghai's Chongming Island.

Although local Shanghai organic produce is two to four times more expensive than non-organic groceries, as long as these businesses can maintain consumer trust their market should continue to grow.

Shanghai Organic Farm Store

Shanghai organic farm stores like this one are growing in popularity, as more people worry about contaminants in their food

Home Delivery of Organic Food in Shanghai

Many organic farms in Shanghai offer a weekly home delivery service based on 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions. You can normally choose one or two deliveries per week.

You have a limited choice of two or three types of vegetable baskets, and the contents will change according to the growing season, so you must accept what is delivered.

Some imported organic foods can also be purchased through online stores and delivered to your home in Shanghai.

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