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Shanghai STD Advice For Expats

Shanghai expats who are worried they might have a STD (sexually transmitted disease) do not need to suffer in silence. There are a few options to help you get tested for STDs in Shanghai.

We have a list of STD hospitals and clinics expats can contact to test for STDs in Shanghai, at the end of this article.

STDs are caused by infections; STIs (sexually transmitted infections). STIs become STDs when they cause symptoms.

Often symptoms, such as redness or sores of any kind on or near your genitals, will turn out to be nothing more than a skin rash caused by Shanghai extreme weather, humidity or air pollution, but it is always better to get tested early.

The prevalence of STDs in China is growing fast, especially due to the Chinese youth's reluctance to use condoms, so if you have a Chinese partner, do not take for granted that they have protected themselves in the past.

Most STDs can be cured effectively if treated quickly. While some STDs, such as Herpes, might be with you for life, they can also be brought under control, and precautions taken so you don't spread them to others.

Shanghai STD Testing

Shanghai STD Clinics and Hospitals

There is one public specialized STD testing hospital, the Shanghai Skin Disease and STD Hospital, as well as other local hospitals including Huashan where you can get tested for STIs in Shanghai.

Testing in these hospitals can be quite cheap, but as discussed in our Shanghai Public hospitals article, you must be prepared for a lack of privacy and personal attention.

After waiting in line for what could be a very long time, the doctor will give you a prescription for blood tests with little discussion. You will receive the results 3-4 days later, but even if they come back negative you might have little peace of mind; still worrying about what caused the rash or other symptoms.

Some expats can accept this type of service in return for a cheap price (a few hundred Chinese Yuan), while others will not feel comfortable with the lack of thoroughness and personal care.

Fortunately, there is another option for Shanghai expats to get tested for STDs. Sino-Aid sells a wide variety of STD testing kits, and cooperates with several international and private clinics in Shanghai. 

Their hotline has quite good English language service and they will arrange an appointment with one of their partner international clinics in Shanghai to do the testing. You can find a list of such hospitals and clinics in our international hospitals in Shanghai article.

You can also go directly to one of the foreign clinics or VIP wards of local hospitals. However, first checking out the websites of Sino-Aid and their partner Sexual Health in Shanghai, as well as giving Sino-Aid a call at 5108 2260, can give you lots of useful information at no extra cost.

They also claim to offer anonymous STD testing, but normally when you go to the clinic they will ask for your contact details for their forms. If you want anonymity, therefore, you should tell Sino-Aid on the phone and also mention this when you arrive at the clinic.

If your tests turn out negative, the foreign Shanghai doctor will spend the time to find out the true reason for your rash and prescribe the proper treatment. You will wait less time and get much more privacy and personal attention. So although you will have to pay more, you might find it well worthwhile.

Sino-Aid sells various STD testing kits. A variety of test kits covering the most common or almost all possible STDs can cost between RMB 2,000-4,000, but you will also have to pay a service fee for the testing at the clinic, so you should ask for the full cost before you begin the tests. Find contact info below.

Urine Test Vs. The Swab for STDs

The traditional way to test for STDs was inserting a swab into the urethra, which can be painful. Fortunately some of the international clinics in Shanghai listed below now offer urine sample testing for STIs instead. The cost will vary from about RMB 1,500 to 3,000.

Shanghai Renai Hospital

Chinese Language Words and Characters for STDs

  • Gonorrhoea: Lìnbìng 淋病
  • Syphilis: Méidú 梅毒
  • Chlamydia: Yīyuántǐ 衣原体
  • Herpes: Pàozhěn 疱疹
  • HIV/Aids: Àizī bìngdú/Àizībìng 艾滋病毒 / 艾滋病
  • Hepatitis B: Yǐxíng gānyán 乙型肝炎

Shanghai STI Hospitals and Services

Hospitals and Clinics for STD testing in Shanghai:

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