Water Filters China: Where to Buy Water Filters in Shanghai

Water filters China: Why You Should Invest in a Filter if You Live in Shanghai

Authorities acknowledge that China tap water is not suitable for drinking directly, so advise residents that it must be boiled first.

Just boiling the water, however, can not remove all pollutants. Boiling water will kill bacteria, but not eliminate many other metals and chemicals. It is highly recommended, therefore, for expats to install water filters in their homes and offices in China.

For more information about the best drinking water filter technology for China, please see our new article. 

We have a list of water and shower filter suppliers and bottled water delivery in Shanghai

Water Filter China

Install Shower Filters In Your Home in China!

One potentially harmful chemical is the chlorine added to the water by water companies in order to kill bacteria, as is common in most countries.

Shower Filter China

The amount of chlorine used in China tap water, however, is suspected to be higher than in other countries, to ensure that it is disinfected thoroughly.

Chlorine is dangerous to humans at certain amounts over long periods of time. When it enters the bloodstream more directly, through inhalation and skin absorption, it is much more harmful than when it is digested during drinking.

It has been shown that during a hot shower, large amounts of chlorine can be inhaled and absorbed. So foreign doctors in China highly recommend shower filters be installed in your home to remove chlorine. Fortunately, these are easy to install and not very expensive to buy in Shanghai.

Install Water Filters China In Your Home

Water Filters in the kitchen and bathroom are also recommended, to purify water being used for washing vegetables and brushing teeth.

As mentioned in our Shanghai food safety article, it is recommended to peel all fruit and vegetables, rather than just wash them due to the high amounts of pesticides used in China.

Bottled or Filtered Water for Drinking?

As many Shanghai expats are wary of drinking even boiled tap water, they often rely on bottled water.

Bottled Water China

Many experts, however, claim that a high-quality water filter system is much superior to bottled water, for both health and environmental reasons. Certainly small plastic bottles are not an option that should be used, as they are very bad for the environment.

For those who buy the larger recyclable bottles for water coolers, it is recommended you spend the extra few RMB and buy from a reputable large company to avoid poor quality water.

Tips for healthy Drinking Water

  • Never buy water directly from a water delivery person you meet on the street as some of these sell fake bottled water. Call the manufacturer directly and ask them to put you in contact with their approved delivery person for your area.
  • When you receive the bottled water check the anti-counterfeiting QR/bar-code on the bottle.
  • Bottled water should be consumed within one month of opening.
  • Water coolers should be disinfected regularly, as bacteria can grow inside when they are not properly cleaned.
    According to a survey done by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Department, more than 80 percent of  Shanghai water coolers installed in office buildings were contaminated with excessive bacteria.
  • Many bottled water delivery services will provide water cooler disinfection service, or you can do it yourself with a water and bleach solution.
  • Testing your water before and after you install drinking water filters in China is also a good idea to ensure safety.


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